• Bill Goodwin

Tribute to Cecile Richards

I have enjoyed working with and for Planned Parenthood since 2013, the first year we helped produce their National Conference and Gala. That was exactly half way through the tenure of Cecile Richards, their President and CEO who just stepped down earlier this year. She has been a force to be reckoned with and it has been a privilege to be a part of the Planned Parenthood family with her at the lead. I gotta give a shout out to Brandon Minow, Nikki Smith, Christine Yankou, Ande Hubbard, Kelley Robinson and way too many others that I have enjoyed working with over the years.

Clearly we are sad to see Cecile leave Planned Parenthood, but we are excited to see what she will be doing next. Already looking like a great candidate for office and wow do we need people like her up there now. See the tribute video that we shot and edited for Cecile below for a look back at the Cecile years.

Cecile Richards Tribute:


2018 Planned Parenthood National Conference

Below are some images from the Conference earlier this year where the video above played. A few highlights about the set design:

  1. We used a center screen with a partial recessed surround which worked very nicely to give a subtle branding to the design.

  2. We used 42" tall 3 dimensional foam "Nested P's" (the PP logo item) to flank the stage mounted on top of 3'x3'x5' tall black pedestals.

  3. We used black sequined drape as the backdrop which, when properly lighted, gives back beautiful flecks of brand colors or white adding a sense of depth to the stage presence.

  4. A set of 9 color blasts mounted to poles facing forward provided brand colors during presentations and punctuated transitions, playons and pre/post show moments with color changes and chases. Watch out though, use sparingly because those things are bright!!

  5. The independent center screen provided a great place for session specific branding while the flanking screens displayed conference branding or walk in loop OR to keep presentation material ever present leaving the flanking screens free to show the same or go to image magnification.