• Bill Goodwin

DEVEX World 2018

Here are some photos from the recent DEVEX World 2018 conference I worked on with my friends at Future View Productions . We built a four sided projection screen from 1" aluminum square tube and a spandex cover. It had amazing presence in the Fichandler Auditorium at Arena Stage here in DC as you can see from the photos below.

Here is a little video I shot of the screen in setup with my phone.

Here is some of the live video from the event

See the full videos of the show from the event at the DEVEX home page here:


We also built a custom "Content Studio" so they could do interviews in the public space with the visuals of the attendees in the hall behind them but with some branding and audio separation from the room. We had two cameras in the Content Studio wired in live to the switch so we could provide continuous coverage from the interviews outside the auditorium to the live general sessions inside.

Here is a little video showing the booth from the outside.

...and here is a video from the event shot from inside the booth:

Thanks for reading.