• Bill Goodwin

3 Screen Set with a Twist

One of my favorite set designs that I created is a unique three screen set with a bit of a twist. Instead of a typical set of flanking screens beside the stage and a center screen with unique content in the center, I used three rear projection screens, cascading in size from left to right but all registered with their tops at the same height. We would use the left and center screens as scenic backgrounds for the panelists and speakers/performers in the center of the stage. The right screen was used as the program screen with show content and image magnification from the cameras. We had the option to duplicate the right screen in a PIP on the left screen. See the design layouts and renderings below from the 2015 installation:


The net result was excellent. The video backdrops are vivid and dynamic, totally changeable with step and repeat patterns that can be placed wherever they are needed for the stage action. Contrary to your instincts, the negative space between the screens required no drapes or scenic elements as the screens eclipsed the darkness behind them which fell off into a mysterious limbo. And while the separation of the screens gives them a logical use for backdrop or program, we were able to design content that uses the entire three screen palette for a bold and dynamic presentation.


See below a highlights video of the first time we used this stage design in 2014 at the Wardman Marriott in Washington DC. The video transitions to a spec ad we produced to demonstrate the power of designing content for a three screen presentation starring Chloe Reeder who besides being a pretty awesome actor in this piece, designs and operates show graphics and is learning to wear the many hats of an event producer too:


A year later, in 2015 we re-used the three screen concept at the Washington Hilton which required a bit of ingenuity to have it spill out of a slightly too small built in stage onto an added stage extension. That year the gala night included a number of celebrities including Retta who was our (amazing) emcee and Salt 'n Pepa gave the after party a real good push. Check out the highlights reel here: